What is Digital Printing

Many clients have asked, “What is digital printing? Is it quicker? Is it better quality? Is it more cost effective?”

transform-your-thinking-fpoTo be honest, there is no hard and fast answer… There are a huge amount of variables… and each project will dictate its own best means of production. The key is working with an educated and experienced vendor that can steer your project to the appropriate avenue of digital completion.

Digital production is the youngest method to join the printing world. Technology has moved it quickly forward in the last decade, and it is continuing to prove itself as the most cost effective and fastest way to produce certain projects and products.

Said simply, digital printing is the use of a high end output device, such as an inkjet or laser printer, to produce products from an electronic file. Digital printing allows options such as per piece personalization, in-line addressing, variable imagery, low run quantities and on demand turn around times. It is more cost effective for those projects not requiring hundreds or even thousands of pieces. It allows for literal proofing of a finished piece – what you see is what you get. Imagine your personal desktop printer with its size and abilities multiplied tenfold.

And you don’t need to lose any sleep over the quality of the printing. The colors show up perfectly and imagery is beautifully reproduced. More importantly, the results remain consistent regardless of the number of prints which are obtained. With digital print, the quality of the last card/brochure/flyer printed in a batch is the same as that of the first.