Ensure success when designing your digitally produced piece! Stop short of literal fold edges with images or color blocks/borders on your brochures, notecards or folded booklets. Holding perfect alignment from side to side on digital equipment can become a challenge in certain instances and with specific stocks, it is almost impossible. Piggyback that with even 1/32” of play on folding equipment and you could be creating a production monster. Quality is the image you would like to portray with any of your collateral material and this is just another little step that can save frustrations down the line. At Decka, we work to produce the best product possible every time…we feel it is our responsibility to pass on any and all suggestions that help you to do the same.

How to benefit from digital variable data printing

Here are a few key points for creating a successful marketing campaign using digital variable data printing: 1. Determine who you want to reach before developing your promotional or direct mail piece. Invest time in creating your marketing message. If the message isn’t right, nothing you produce will work. 2. Variable data printing is wellContinue Reading