Promote and Grow with Digital Printing

build-your-businessYou are in the promotional driver’s seat with digital printing. It allows for cost effective short runs of customized and personalized printed material…such as calendars, business cards, departmental or event specific brochures, invitations, books, postcards or anything you create on the computer. Take control of what you truly need to grow your business.

With print on demand, you pay to print only what you need, when you need it, which cuts down on shipping, storage, and waste. Generally speaking, runs of under 2000 pieces are best suited for on demand digital printing. And product relevance is only limited to your imagination.



The most essential advantages of digital printing are:


Lower volume ordering requirements

In digital printing, the printer does not have to follow the intricate set up process associated with offset printing. Because set up is easier, the printer has lower overhead costs, and can pass this savings on to his or her customers. This means that printing is much more cost-effective, particularly for smaller print runs. By using digital printing, you can still get over this obstacle, but without having to spend a fortune on small print runs.


Time efficient

In addition to being cost-effective, digital printing is also time-effective. No elaborate setup is required to get the printing process started. All you need is to give the order. A digital file and supplies on hand mean that your project could be completed in a few hours versus a few days or weeks. Digital allows for last minute creativity or even an out of stock product to be addressed immediately.



A major concern especially for new businesses is whether the products they are producing would appeal to their clients and/or improve business. With digital printing, they can prototype before deciding on the final product. The low cost and lesser time taken for printing literature or collateral materials enables even small businesses to create samples before making their final choice. Again, digital can provide the security knowing you have made the right decision, every time.


Increase your response rates with true, one-to-one, personalized marketing

The “variable data printing” feature allows you to merge your customer or prospect database with a direct mail piece — it could be name, address changes only, or a completely different color of print/imagery for each client. Every printed piece can be totally unique and custom without the cost and delay of setting up for each element change. This true one-to-one marketing allows you to reach niche markets and target specific audiences with improved marketing results.

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