How to benefit from digital variable data printing

Here are a few key points for creating a successful marketing campaign using digital variable data printing:

1. Determine who you want to reach before developing your promotional or direct mail piece. Invest time in creating your marketing message. If the message isn’t right, nothing you produce will work.

2. Variable data printing is well suited to producing informational and promotional pieces for each department or division within your company, in low quantities, while retaining the consistency of your corporate image. You may electronically change the text and imagery needed ‘on the fly’ while printing your total order, saving you time and money by avoiding separate setup fees and delays.

3. If it is a mail campaign, obtain the right mailing list. Build your own list or purchase an “outside list”. Make sure the list is up-to-date and as accurate as possible – whether you build it yourself or when choosing a vendor for the list. And not all list companies are the same, on any level, so inquire as to their methods of gathering and updating list information.

4. Create and collect photos and graphics that will be used as variable components throughout the print run. Your top clients may each utilize a different product or service from your company and your promotional pieces could speak to them directly by using imagery pertinent specifically to each of them.

5. The final step is to measure your results, and analyze the data. The key to success is test, test and test even more to understand what motivates your customers and prospective customers. The beauty of digital printing is you can update and change your promotional pieces often. Relevance is key and digital allows you easily remain current in your offerings.

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